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Boys are so predictable…

As I watched this I began to laugh and then I began to sigh.  And finally I became annoyed.  Why?  Because I hear “Dude” all the time — why is it guys say dude a lot?


Is a public apology really necessary?

You know in our world today one has to be very careful in regards to their speech and actions because it might end up on Utube, or be recorded by the National Enquirer.


 Duane “Dog” Chapman who’s on TV Bounty Hunter was having a private conversation with his son.  He wasn’t on a radio show with IMUS, or on Oprah for that matter.  Again he was having a private conversation with his son.  My guess is that he and his son were aruging about his son’s girlfriend who my guess is African American.  Things that were not nice and shouldn’t be said were said and someone just happened to be near enough to record the conversation and splash it across the airways.

So when is enough enough?  Hands down Duane shouldnt have referred to his son’s girlfriend using the “N” word.  He probably refers to her as a bitch, cunt, and whore as well if he uses the “N” word in reference to her.   Those I think are equally as bad as the “N” word.  Do we record people’s heated conversations and splash that language all over the airways and utube?  Hellz no.  But because it’s the “N” word  and it’s like it’s a thousand times worse or something.

Excuse me — news flash.  It’s not.  I think Duane owes his son an apology for being disrespectful regarding his girlfriend, and for that matter he probably owes the girlfriend an apology as well to her face for being a racist asshole.  But to have A & E halt production of his televion show because he had a private conversation recorded — I think that is ridiculous.

We are human people.  We make mistakes. 

I can tell you what though — it will be a cold day in hell when I apologize publicly for calling my husband an asshole or worse during a private conversation.



When I was a kid I used to watch Thriller all the time —

Remember how huge this was? I used listen to this album (especially this song) over and over…. And this video scared the bejesus out of me.

We all loved Michael Jackson back then, and don’t even try to fucking lie and say you don’t — because you are a LIAR:) Oh and we all did that weird zombie nerdy dance they do too:)

I know I did:)


Sex in the sky…

Well cover me in whip cream and lick it all off!!!  I think I’d be up to the challenge to have quiet sex:)

SINGAPORE (Reuters) – Singapore Airlines, the first operator of the new Airbus A380, has dashed the hopes of sexual thrill-seekers planning to engage in amorous activity aboard the world’s biggest jumbo jet.

The carrier said it would ask passengers on the A380 to refrain from sex while ensconced in one of its 12 first-class suites, which boast the world’s first airborne double beds.

“All we ask of customers, wherever they are on our aircraft, is to observe standards that don’t cause offence to other customers and crew,” the company told Reuters in a statement.

“Nothing different applies for our Singapore Airlines Suites customers.”

While private, the double cabins are neither sound proofed nor completely sealed.

Singapore Airlines, the world’s second-largest airline by market value, started commercial flights of the double-decker A380 last week with a Singapore-Sydney service.

“So they’ll sell you a double bed, and give you privacy and endless champagne and then say you can’t do what comes naturally?” Tony Elwood, who traveled with wife Julie in a suite aboard the inaugural flight, told the Times of London.

“They seem to have done everything they can to make it romantic, short of bringing round oysters,” Julie said. “I’d say they shouldn’t really complain, should they?”


I don’t get cat people…

Okay so I am probably going to piss of a 1/3 of the world as I know it but I gotta say it.  “I really don’t get cat people”  – you know those people who have oodles of cats as pets.  For that matter I don’t get those people who have oodles of dogs either or hamsters, rats, birds.  Not unless you live on a farm I guess.

We had a cat growing up and a dog.  And it was good and we loved the cat and dog and they loved us and we snuggled with them and played with them.  But we didn’t have like 10 of each.  A “menagerie” as my grandma would say.

Maybe it’s me and I’m the weird one. 

With all that being said we have two dogs and a fish.  And that’s plenty for me.



I found myself in a bind. I was dressed to the nines, great hair, great make up – on my way to a little soiree and I realized I was without fragrance. WCD never ever attends any function without wearing her signature fragrance which happens to be

Eternity by CK.  So I stopped at Macy’s walked through the fragrance isle, looked about zeroed in on my fragrance, told the clerk my woe — she was very kind.  She sprayed me down — and I ended up buying a travel bottle of it.  And away I went.

Years ago I would have thought that to be tack – now just resourceful!